“And Summer Is Gone” Literary Essay

October 6, 2008

In the beginning of the short story “And Summer Is Gone” by Susie Kretschmer the two main characters, Amy and David, have many similarities. As the book goes on the two characters grow apart and change in many different ways. While Amy is finding new friends and becoming popular, David is alone. While David is striving in school, Amy’s grades are slipping. And while David had kept his artistic values, Amy changed and followed in the footsteps of her friends and lost hers.

     Amy and David used to be the best of friends, but when high-school hit, Amy became more and more popular. At the start, she was more of a follower, she was one of the “extra’s surrounding the popular ones for atmosphere and dramatic staging.” As time went on she was going out night after night, “she went to every party, every football game, every prestigious event at school.” David on the other hand, only had “a few acquaintances good enough to talk to between classes…”

     Even though David was going through a rough time loosing his best friend, he still managed to keep his grades up, straight A’s at that. Amy went from her regular, straight A’s, to B’s and C’s. “She was in my top-level English class but dropped down after a week.” Amy was caring more for her social life then her future. David was dreaming of college.

     One of the things that never changed about David was his artistic values. David won for the second year in a row at a local art exhibit, and was very surprised to see Amy there. When Amy came to his painting of a great Aztec pyramid, David thought that maybe she would actually speak to him. Amy had forgotten about her artistic values, and when one of her friends “broke in with a mocking harsh laugh, what a [stupid] picture” Amy agreed and walked away leaving David heartbroken.

     This story was about two people starting off their life in a new high school and taking separate paths. For the better or worse, they were once best friends, but their friendship was ruined by peer pressure and wrong decisions.


One comment

  1. You may have given too much away in your introduction, leaving you with less to say in the body of your essay.

    Overall, quite good. You identified traits and supported your statements with evidence from the text. (5)

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